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The AIV Master Program - APPLICATION FOR 2008/9

Université Paris Diderot

Université Paris Descartes

The application for the 2009-10 AIV program will be opened May 2009


Each promotion is composed of up to twenty students with a high level background in one of the following domains: Math, Physics, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Cognitive Sciences, Philosophy/History of science.

Eligibility. Students graduated 1st year of a master degree or equivalent. Foreign students are advised to contact us to check for their eligibility. In addition, a limited number of post-docs and PhD students with non-biology background who wish to learn more about research in Life Sciences are accepted every year.

Selection. The selection is based on proven interest in interdisciplinarity, previous record and an interview.

How to Apply?

Students should fill the application form (download) and send it together with a CV by e-mail to [email protected]