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AIV Courses

Université Paris Diderot

Université Paris Descartes

4 modules are offered by the AIV program (6 ECTS each):

  • Project writing retreat. At the beginning of the year, a one-week retreat assembles the AIV students together with researchers from broad scientific backgrounds to conceive creative projects at the interface with Life Sciences.
  • Critical analysis of a research article (1st trimester). A series of seminars, each prepared by two students from different backgrounds, presenting in detail a paper of their choice. The underlying hypothesis, background and the results is discussed in detail and the different techniques explained. In addition, the students are asked to suggest further experimental/modeling approaches with respect to their conclusions from the paper at stake.
  • Bibliographic synthesis (2nd trimester). A series of seminars, each prepared by two students from different backgrounds, presenting their review of scientific literature concerning a subject of their choice. The students are expected to prepare a concise review, treating their chosen field from the viewpoint of their disciplines. In addition, the emerging open questions arising from their review will be discussed and detailed experimental/modeling approaches to resolve these questions will be presented.
  • 'Zoom out - Zoom in-Zoom out' (3rd trimester). Using a scientific book as a starting point, students (in couples) will present the main thesis of the book followed by a detailed research project in the form of a 4 year grant application. For each grant application a couple of students will be assigned as reviewers.

In addition to the compulsory curriculum, other activities are offered to the AIV students:

FdV graduate school - Lillianne Bettencourt program's Courses: These courses are open and optional for the AIV students; we strongly recommend that you follow at least one course to strengthen and deepen your understanding in your selected interface with Life Sciences. The possibility to exchange on internship with FdV courses can be discussed with the AIV team

Special seminars: The AIV program hosts speakers from France and abroad for informal seminars. The AIV students are encouraged to invite specialists from France and abroad for informal seminars. The visiting professors discuss their work within the context of their field as well as spend time with the students to discuss their projects and future plans.

The CRI Discussion clubs: AIV students participate and create small thematic discussion clubs related to their topics of interest. With the help of specialists, they meet around a recent or a fundamental publication or discuss with scientists working in the domain.

The CNRS/INRA interdisciplinary school of Biology: Co-organised by Elifsu Sabuncu, Silvia De Monte et Hugues Chaté, This week-long conference (in French) on the island of Berder (Bretagne) hosts the AIV students for a unique possibility to interact with leading French interdisciplinary researchers. Link to the 2009 program